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Computer and Medical Informatics

Chapter (of IAP)

“One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of the Information Technology in our practices.”

– Samuel Wilson


My Dear ePediatricians,


Warm wishes from the Computer and Medical Informatics Chapter of IAP.


Greetings from the Computers and Medical Informatics Chapter of the IAP!


It’s my immense pleasure to get one more chance to serve our chapter with bigger responsibility as Chairperson for the year 2023-24. My sincere thanks to the members for keeping faith in me.

My sincere thanks to the members of team 2021-22 for giving excellent co-operation in functioning of the chapter during these two years and giving your fruitful contribution in such a way that, our chapter got prize in the Best Chapter Category of IAP twice. It is really a remarkable achievement.


My heartiest congratulation to the team 2023-24 of the CMIC and expecting their wholehearted support to make our chapter more vibrant.


CORONA and lockdown taught us the strength of digital technology in communication, knowledge sharing and almost all our routine day to day activities. Last year we successfully organised the series of digital awareness INFONAR with the theme of “Ignorance is No Longer Bliss” on various digital topics focusing on technology helpful to the Doctors. We are going to continue the same for this year also. Last year we also conducted a Hybrid conference HITCON 2022 in association with the Management Medicos at Ahmedabad.


This year a few more projects are under consideration with the help of our active Executive Board members. Smart Clinic module, Techno tips are few of them. We are going to invite more members who are really interested to serve the association with due recognition of their contribution. Planning for the Annual Conference CMICcon is also a part of our activity planning. Very soon we will announce the final dates and place of it.


This year we are expecting more new members and for that I am requesting every member to help in our membership drive program as per your contacts and capability. Let’s make a target for the membership strength of magic figure 1000.


My sincere thanks and congratulations to Dr. Jeeson Unni for his excellent effort to keep our Drug Formulary up to date. Due to his efforts now we are able to get updated and very user-friendly version 2.0 of Drug Formulary having Online, Offline and App based versions. For more details you can visit our CMIC website – www.cmic-iap.org and Drug Formulary website www.iapdrugformulary.com


Ending with a quote learned from year 2020 – Grow through what you go through


Always yours


Dr. Samir Shah


Chairperson CMIC of the IAP 2023-24


Dear Friends,


Warm wishes from the Computer and Medical Informatics Chapter of IAP.


It is my proud privilege to be taking over as Chairperson of this chapter in 2023. We have seen it start as the Computer and Medical Electronics Group, and grow over the years, thanks to our illustrious past Chairpersons and Secretaries, and have now received recognition of our work in the form of a Consolation Award from IAP.

The pandemic of 2020 put an embargo on physical activities, including meetings and even clinical consultations. This highlighted the value of the digital world with Webinars and Online Consultations becoming a norm. Our Digital Infonars have been very popular, thanks to the efforts of Dr Sanjeev Goel, Dr Samir Shah, Dr Jagdish Chinnappa, Dr Naveen Kini, etc and we promise to continue with the series in this year.


Another major achievement this year has been an updated IAP Drug Formulary 2.0. The highlight of this new modified version is its availability in the offline mode and very elaborate and clear details. Dr Jeeson Unni needs a special mention for carrying on with this herculean task for the past 16 years!


We request all our supporters to become members of CMIC and strengthen our hands. We request each member to get one friend to join CMIC. Let us all work together to take the CMIC to greater heights.


Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2023.


Jai CMIC. Jai IAP.


Dr. Ajoy Kumar


Dr. Pallab Chetterjee

Imm. Past Chairperson

Dr. Samir Shah

Chair Person

Dr. Ajoy Kumar


Dr. Rashmin Cecil